Brands We Repair

We are your number one choice for appliance repairs in Oak Park, we’re able to provide sublime service to all major models and brands of appliances and our team of experts is always on hand to help. Here are a few of the brands we work with:


GE, the goliath company from Boston, is a conglomerate with fingers in a lot of pies from finance, healthcare to power and many more. Their appliance ranges, however, is where they really break the barriers as one of the leading brands across the globe.

Manufacturing anything from air conditioners, dishwashers, washing machines, freezers, dryers, and even heating systems, GE innovates to create some of the most cutting edge appliances on the market. With 150 years of experience, you can expect to be amazed at GE appliances.


Samsung is a household name for many people across the country. The Korean company has been creating exceptional appliances for a long time, those appliances being anything from ovens, ranges, washing machines, fridges and more.


The British brand Bosch is a true innovator in the industry, striving to make your day to day life more simple. Every year, they submit over 900 patents for appliances, many of which really make a ripple in the market. Their appliances are designed with you in mind and will fit well in any home.


LG creates appliances to make life better. It’s as simple as that. They assist you in the kitchen, laundry and many other places in your home with their innovative dryers, washers, fridges, dishwashers, air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners, just to name a few.


Maytag promise quality and durability on all of their appliances, offering a warranty of ten years on every appliance. This really shows that they are confident in their work, which is a good thing to have. Maytag always works with reliable repair services too, like Scott’s Appliance Repair of Oak Park.


Kenmore really delivers when it comes to creating some of the best home appliances on the market. They are built with performance and efficiency in mind, with each appliance often boasting some of the best features available. Chances are that if you can think of the appliance, Kenmore develops it.


If you haven’t heard of Viking, you’ll have heard of Middleby, who are the single largest kitchen appliance manufacturer for commercial kitchens worldwide. Middleby are the parent company of Viking, meaning you can have the quality of a commercial appliance in your own home.

They create exceptional cooktops, fridges, ice machines, dishwashers, ventilation systems, ovens, and ranges.


The giveaway is in the name of Frigidaire, and although they create a great collection of appliances for your home, they really excel in their fridge design and innovation. While also covering other kitchen appliances such as stoves and ranges as well as laundry appliances and other handy appliances for your home.

The brand or model does not matter, appliances can be prone to breakdown at any time, usually when you least expected. When that happens, you need a service you can trust to come out and fix the issue, like Scott’s Appliance Repair. If you want the very best appliance repair in Oak Park, call us today.