Freezer Repair

A freezer is an appliance that we regularly take for granted, it’s the workhorse of our household and ensures that our food stays fresh for longer. When this appliance breaks down, it can be frustrating, especially with hundreds of dollars worth in foodstuff that could begin to rot.

Don’t worry, before that happens you should call Scott’s Appliance Repair and have your freezer’s fault fixed before the end of the day. We’re the most reliable and trusted appliance repair service in Oak Park.

Why did my freezer breakdown?

There’s a whole host of issues that could cause your appliance to break down and malfunction. Anything from the defrost hose being blocked, the condenser coils needing a deep clean, the fan for the evaporator being jammed or the door seals being faulty. The possibilities really are endless.

Although freezers are generally simple appliances, it’s important that you only try DIY repairs if you understand how they work and have experience repairing appliances. As this appliance is rigged up to electricity, you should also be comfortable and understanding of the safety precautions and hazards associated with it.

When attempting repairs through trial and error, more times than not you’ll cause more damage than you fix unless you have extensive repair experience. Don’t risk your safety and those around you, hire a professional to make the repairs for you. You won’t risk voiding your warranty or making extra damages. Instead, you’ll have a good-as-new appliance with an extended life expectancy.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Freezer making loud clicking noises

Although a freezer makes a fair amount of noise alone, if you start hearing clicking sounds, the issue could be with the compressor or start relay.

The start relay ensures that the compressor is powered. Without this, the fridge won’t work correctly. If after a replacement of the start relay, the issue is ongoing, the issue could be with the motor on the evaporator fan or compressor mounts.

The freezer doesn’t run, or when it does it isn’t icy cold

If you’ve done all of the basic tests; Ensuring that the fuse isn’t blown in the plug, the breaker hasn’t tripped in your home and the outlet is providing sufficient power to the appliance. If your issue is still ongoing, ensure that the vents inside of the freezer aren’t covered, without airflow, the freezer won’t cool down properly. If the issue is still happening, call us.

Freezer is leaking

Leaks are not appliance faults which you should ignore. If there’s water leaking from the appliance, it’s best to check the inlet valve for any damage and make sure the drain isn’t blocked.

Should I consider a replacement?

Freezers are up there near the top of long life appliances, sitting comfortably at 17 years on average. If you don’t look after or maintain the appliance correctly, this average doesn’t mean a thing. If we think it’ll be more cost-effective to replace than repair, we’ll let you know.

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