Ice Maker Repair

During the summer months, owning an ice maker can be the best thing ever. Instead of loading water into ice trays or buying ice from the store, you can have ice in your home, on-demand whenever you want a cold cola. When this appliance breaks down, it can be frustrating.

But before you think about buying a new ice maker, there may be a cheaper and more effective solution. Scott’s Appliance Repair is the best in the business for ice maker repairs, our experts are trained and certified to deal with all issues, large and small.

Types of Ice Makers We Repair

We are proudly able to provide repairs to free-standing ice machines, freezer ice machines, built-in ice machines, and portable ones.

Common Ice Maker Issues

There are a few common issues that we often see causing malfunctions with ice makers. The issues and causes are below:

1.     Ice maker doesn’t make ice cubes!

If you’re having an issue whereby your ice maker isn’t making ice cubes, it’s often down to the water supply is faulty. If it’s producing ice but the ice cubes are tiny, take a look at the supply lines and ensure they are not damaged or blocked.

If the filter is blocked or damaged, it can cause issues with ice making as water cannot reach the appliance. Scott’s Appliance Repair has technicians who are certified and experienced at sorting filter replacements, call us to fix it.

2.     The ice maker is freezing

If your ice maker is freezing, the water inflow could be frozen which won’t allow cubes to be molded and instead of the regular ice chips, you’ll get a block. Usually, this is down to the thermostat, or the fact the temperature is set too low. Take a look at your appliance manual for the correct settings.

If the temperature settings are already correct, call us and we’ll get someone out to take a look.

3.     Ice cubes don’t release from the machine

This issue can be one of the most frustrating ones. Everything else seems to be working fine but the ice cubes don’t come out. This can often be because the appliance mode is set incorrectly. Take a look at your owner’s manual and set the correct settings.

If your ice machine has a control arm on the outside, this can often be moved to resume and pause ice production.

Usually, when the arm is in a downward position, ice production is suspended. This is a very common issue and usually can be resolved quickly, but if setting the correct mode doesn’t sort it, give us a call.

Call Scott’s Appliance Repair of Oak Park, IL

If you are having issues with your appliance, give us a call. Our team is trained and certified to deal with all ice-making issues and maintenance with fast, competitively-priced and reliable service. We realize that a broken down appliance can turn your world upside down, so before it does, give us a call today and schedule your appointment!