Oven Repair

An oven is one of the most used appliances in our home, we use them almost every day to cook our dinners, bake our cookies and heat our food. But when an issue appears, like the door not closing, the oven won’t turn on or it’s not heating up, the frustration can be unbearable.

But don’t worry, if you’re from in or around Oak Park, IL, Scott’s Appliance Repair is ready to assist you in your appliance repairs. Our team is certified, trained experts with extensive experience in oven repairs.

We can make repairs on any kind of brand or model, so don’t worry if your oven is a stranger, more antique model. Our technicians are qualified to fix it.

Why did it break down?

The number of things that could cause an issue with your oven is endless. As one of the workhorse appliances in your home, it’s prone to faults. It could be the circuitry, the pilot light could be out, the door may need repairs if it won’t close or it’s stuck or the gaskets and thermostat could have issues.

Although your first reaction could be to attempt DIY repairs, when it comes to ovens, it’s better to leave this to the professionals. Minor repairs are doable, but only if you have a good understanding of the appliance and its functions.

It’s a common misconception that DIY repairs save more money than hiring a professional. However, that’s not always true. If you void your warranty during DIY repairs or replace a part incorrectly, it could cost you a lot over the months to come, not to mention the stress that comes with trial and error repairs!

It’s important to hire a technician over attempting DIY repairs in this case as your safety could be in jeopardy, around 20% of deaths by an electrical fault in America are caused by appliances.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Oven not heating

In the instance your oven does not heat, ensure that your pilot light is on or if you have an electric oven, your breaker isn’t tripped. If there’s power getting to the oven, the issue could be down to the heating element. Replacing this isn’t easy. If you notice that the heating element is working, but the grill is not, you’ll need to replace the grill element.

If both the grill and heating elements are working, it could be the thermostats or safety with a fault. Also on rare occasions the thermal fuse could blow.

The door is either jammed or won’t close

If you notice that your oven door won’t shut correctly, it could be the runner or hinges that are to blame. These can be replaced or realigned as necessary. It could also be down to the seal on the door, which can wear out over time and stop the door closing fully.

If you own a self-cleaning oven, the issue could be with the latches on the door, causing the door to not open or close properly.


Overheating is dangerous and repairs should not be attempted yourself. It could be either the sensors or thermostats. Don’t wait around, call us ASAP.

Should I consider a replacement?

An oven’s average lifespan is generally not more than 10 years, regardless of the model. If it’s an older model, we could recommend a replacement as it can be more cost-effective than repairs. We’ll always be clear and honest with you, give us a call today.