Refrigerator Repair

Your fridge is a hard-working appliance that keeps our food fresh for a long time. We can often take this for granted until a fault appears and your food begins to the road to ruin. If you’re from in or around Oak Park, IL, make sure to give us a call today. We can have an expert out to you before the sun goes down and have it running as good as new before the day is over.

The team at Scott’s Appliance Repair has plenty of experience under their belt along with certification and training for all of the largest brands. Some of those brands are LG, Kenmore, Maytag, Bosch, Viking, Samsung, GE and many more.

While you wait for your repairs, dry ice in your fridge can keep it cool for now.

Why did it break down?

There’s many reasons that your fridge could malfunction. It could be that the condenser coils need a clean, the start relay is broken, the defrost heater or timer could be broken or the controls for temperature could be defective. On rare occasions, the door seals can also become worn if not cared for.

Most malfunctions can be repaired with a replacement part and while that could sound simple, it’s really not. Troubleshooting the issue can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing, as parts are different for each major brand.

We do not recommend any kind of DIY repairs for your fridge, you could void your warranty or cause more damage in the long run. If you want to extend the life expectancy of your fridge and have it running as good as new, calling Scott’s Appliance Repair is your best bet.

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Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Loud noises

While a little noise from your fridge is usual, you’ll know very quickly if there’s a problem when you begin to hear screeching from your fridge. This can be down to a malfunctioning fan or ice maker. If the sound gets louder when you open the door, it’s most likely the condenser or evaporator. If it’s the evaporator fan, it can be replaced.

Not cool enough

If your fridge isn’t cool enough it could be that your condenser coils require cleaning. If you have some debris building up, this can also lower the temperature of your fridge. If it’s still ongoing, give us a call and we’ll take a look.


Leaks are the worst kind of appliance fault in most cases, they can cause damage to walls, floors and even other appliances. Most of the time you’ll find that this issue is down to the inlet valve, but it can also be the water filter or tank. If it’s the tank, a replacement is needed.

Also, ensure that your fridge is level on the ground as the defrost pan can leak water if it’s not.

Should I consider a replacement?

A fridge can last up to 17 years total, this is with good care and maintenance, without that maintenance the number means nothing. We’ll let you know if a replacement appliance is more cost-effective than repairs. Give us a call today.